Gas Detector SmArtGas 4

Product Code: PW-044-SG4-X

The SmArtGas 4 gas detector is specifically designed for critical functions such as measuring, monitoring and detecting hazardous gases. It is intended for operation in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. It can operate under harsh industrial conditions where environmental parameters may vary widely (high temperatures, corrosive gases or fumes, mist and dust). It can be installed in a variety of ways:

» either integrated into the Gas Safety System Sigma Gas,
» or installed as a stand-alone detector,
» or independently integrated with supervisory systems (e.g. by means of its 4..20 mA output signal or its RS-485 interface).

The SmArtGas 4 detector has been developed to replace our earlier Sigma SmArt and SmArtGas3 devices. SmArtGas 4 is based on a completely new electronic design. It has a new measuring head (either ‘FL’ or ‘FH’) which is the fruit of a three year development. This new product offers greatly improved detection capabilities. A SmArtGas 4 detector equipped with a pellistor sensor now offers a halved response time (T90)* and is rated among the fastest devices available on the market.

Further improvements include greater protection of the detector’s measurement head against environmental effects, including moisture and dust. This is achieved by means of a PTFE membrane, which enables levels of protection up to IP67.

Other enhancements incorporated into the SmArtGas 4 detector include: 

» Advanced interface for external connections,
» Power voltage range up to 50 V
» Mitigation of the long-term drift of catalytic sensors.

* in relation to the work of the detector with the HL head equipped with a pellistor sensor 

Supported gases: acetonitrile, acetylene, diethyl ether, ethylene, isobutane, isopropanol, Jet-A, methane (natural gas), ethyl acetate, isopropyl acetate, n-butyl acetate, pentane, propylene, styrene, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, hydrogen, ammonia, cyclohexanone, carbon disulfide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, phosphane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, benzene, extraction gasoline, butadiene, butanol, cyclopentane, ethyl alcohol, gasoline, hexane, heptane, xylene, VOC, methyl alcohol, toluene, oxygen, other 

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