Gas Detector ReAct 4

Product Code: PW-093-RA4-X

The ReAct 4 gas detector is specifically designed for critical functions such as measuring, monitoring and detecting reactive gases in the surrounding atmosphere, with particular emphasis on aggressive or corrosive atmospheres. It can be installed in a variety of ways:

» either integrated into the Gas Safety System Sigma Gas
» or installed as a stand-alone detector, integrated with supervisory systems (e.g. by means of its 4...20mA output signal or its RS-485 interface).

The ReAct 4 detector has been developed to replace our earlier Sigma ReAct device. ReAct 4 is based on a completely new electronic design. It has a new measuring head HR with significantly improved measuring properties. It also is equipped with self diagnostics properties - user is immediately informed about the failure states.

Supported gases: ammonia,chlorine,hydrogen,chloride,hydrogen,cyanide,nitrogen,dioxide,chlorine,dioxide,Sulphur,dioxide,phosphane,phosgene,hydrogen,fluoride,ozone,hydrogen,sulfide,carbon,monoxide,nitrogen,oxides,ethyl,alcohol,methyl,alcohol

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