Gas Detector RapidGas E

Product Code: PW-076-X

RapidGas E is a multi-channel (1 to 10 communication channels) gas detector designed to measure concentrations of toxic or explosive gases in ambient atmospheres. The measurements are carried out by means of aspiration sampling of gaseous atmospheres at several locations. Owing to its flameproof enclosure the device can be operated in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

An embedded pump enforces transferring small volumes of gaseous atmospheres via gas paths from field deployed sampling devices to gas sensors embedded into the gas detector and thus concentration of hazardous agents can be measured. After measurements the gas samples are discharged back to the atmosphere.

The RapidGas E is a general purpose hardware platform that makes it possible to collaborate with virtually all types of gas detectors. It enables customizing of the gas detection system design according to specific arrangements of the facility and local conditions, since the set of configurable parameters include types of gases to be detected, range and accuracy of measurements, response time, ambient temperature, humidity, etc.

Paired devices:

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